Three-letter Scrabble Words Beginning with F

Words we already knew


Sounds, Letters, Plurals etc

FAHa musical note (a long long way to run)
FEHa Hebrew letter
FOHan expression of disgust (also PHOH#, lol)
FAStwo musical notes (a long long long long way to run)
FEStwo Hebrew letters

A whole jumble of stuff

FAA#Scots to fall
FAE#Scots “from”, not related to FAY
FAP#not that, just an adjective meaning “drunk”.
FAW#18th-19th century north-of-England word for (a specific family of?) itinerants
FAYa fairy or sprite; also a verb, to fit closely.
FEG#same as FIG
FEMa category of igneous rocks, from “ferromagnesian”, contrasted with SAL, from “siliceous and aluminous”. The categorisation scheme appears to be no longer current.
FERdialect FOR
FETnot that, just a verb to FETCH
FEUa feudal tenure of land in which the vassal, in place of military service, makes a return of grain or money; also a grant of lands on these conditions. Variant form FEE evolved. “Also to feu off.”
FIDa spike for holding open strands of rope while splicing
FILfalse singular form of FILS (pl. fulus*), 1/100th of an Emirati dirham, or 1/1000th of a various dinars.
FONnot that, but a verb. Collins says “to compel”, OED says “to make a fool of” (from whence FUN). Neither seems particular cited after 1700
FOOyes the metasyntactic variable.
FOUas an adjective, = FULL, or drunk. Collins thinks it’s also a noun, meaning “bushel”.
FOYUntil 1900, Scots a parting entertainment, present, cup of liquor, etc., given by or to one setting out on a journey. Collins says “loyalty”, meaning: it was sometimes used as a spelling of FAY = FAITH, e.g. in asseverative phrases, but OED only has two citations, 1590 and 1694.
FRAtitle given to a monk or friar (from Italian for brother)
FUBto cheat (c.f. FOB off)
FUDa fuddy-duddy. Also a rabbit’s tail.
FUMthe phoenix, in Chinese mythology. Also FUNG